Monday, November 23, 2009

Top 5 Thanksgiving Thin Tips

1. Bring an extra plate - don't overeat. I know some of this delicious food you only get this time of year and you want just one more taste, but after the first round of plates have been fixed, fix yourself an extra and tuck it away for the day after. Then don't go back for seconds. I bet that you filled your plate enough the first time through.
2. Take your time. You are surrounded by family and probably a lot of food, so eat slowly, take small bites and really chew. Give your stomach time to tell your brain you are full.
3. Watch for hidden fat and calories. Sweet tea? Sodas? Save your calories! Choose unsweet tea with lemon and lightly sweeten if you need to.  High fat salad dressing, salads drowned in mayonnaise, lots of butter in those sweet potatoes really add unnecessary fat. Grab just a taste if you don't want to pass, but don't over-do on the high fat items.
4. Smoke or grill your turkeys to increase the flavor as opposed to fry them.  See my last post here.
5. Don't graze in the kitchen. Stay out of the kitchen if you can, but if the party migrates there, and you find yourself standing around, don't start grazing or you won't even know what you've eaten! Grab a plate, and instead of just nibbling straight from the bowl or bag, set whatever you plan on eating on your plate so you can have some idea of how much you eat.

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